2019 Nov ‘Five Years of War in the Donbas’ Columbia university, USA

2018 Dec ASEEES, Boston (presenter; discussant), USA

2018 Oct “Multilingualism in Ukraine”, Cambridge University, UK

2018 May “Post-War Commemoration”, Oxford University, UK

2018 May ASN, Columbia university, USA

2018 September “Transcultural Border Zones”, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

2018 June MAG, summer ASEEES convention, Lviv, Ukraine

2018 Jan ”Donbass and Crimea: Status and Perspectives of Ukraine’s Contested Territories”, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 December “The transformation of national identity narratives: media and visual politics of representation of Crimean Tatars in Ukraine”, Competing futures: From rupture to re-articulation, CBEES Annual Conference, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 November “From Periphery to the Core?: Transformation of Crimean Tatar image in Post-Maidan Ukraine”, ASEEES Convention, Chicago, USA

2017 October ‘Crimean Tatar Sameness in the Context of Post-Euromaidan Ukraine: Representation and Adaptation Aspect’, Religious Minorities’ Self-Representations Conference, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

2017 August “Crimean Tatar representation in the context of reframed Ukrainian national narrative”, 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Athens, Greece

2017 June “Crimean Tatars: shift in politics of representation in post-Maidan Ukraine”, Second Annual Tartu Conference on Russian and East European studies, Tartu, Estonia

2017 May “The Transformation of the Crimean Tatar Image Representation in the Context of post-Maidan Ukraine: Analysis of Visual Culture”, ASN World Convention, Harriman institute, Columbia university, New York, USA

2016 December “The process of decommunisation of the public space in Ukraine: Kharkiv monuments and the transformation of the visual regimes”, Transforming Spaces – Mastering Uncertainty, CBEES Annual Conference, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 August “Representing the common past: analysis of history museums in former Yugoslavian countries”, European Sociological Association, 12th Conference: Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination, Prague, Czech Republic, Junior Scholar Grant 

2014  October “Belgrade Exhibition as a New Trend of Representation: The Smell and Taste of Yugoslavia”, ICOM – ICME Conference, Zagreb, Croatia

2014 September “Ex-Yugoslavian museums as a space of representation of political transformations”, The Challenges of Social Transformations, organized by the Slovenian National Committee of the UNESCO (MOST), MMWD, ISA Junior Sociologists Network, Piran, Slovenia

2014 August, “Construction of the Yugoslav identity through the museums:  how ex-Yugoslavian historical countries’ museums represent the past”, Power, Culture & Economy, Tampere University, Tampere, Finland

2013 August, “Selective Amnesia: Comparative Study of Ukrainian Historical Museums”, European Sociological Association, 11th Conference: Crisis, Critique and Change, Turin, Italy

Lectures and seminars

2018 Online lecture “Transformation of Crimean Tatar Representation in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine”. University of Alberta, Canada. As part of the Research Initiative on Democratic Reforms in Ukraine.

2018  ‘Ex-Yugoslav Museums and Memory’, at Kharkiv Karazin National University, Department of History; Department of Social Science. 2018 ‘Crimean Tatars in Ukraine’, Sodertorn University, Ethnology Department; CBEES

2018 ‘Crimean Tatars in Ukraine’, Sodertorn University, Ethnology Department; CBEES