PhD in social science (Slovenia, 2015), postdoc (Sweden, 2019), writer and columnist, 
Head of Nordic Ukraine Forum (Sweden), Visiting Professor Kyiv School of Economics (Ukraine)

My dissertation focused on the politics of representation of the past at the former Yugoslav
countries. I analyzed how each country reflects its recent past via the length of the national
museums and private exhibitions. I made a field study at Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia,
Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro. In the light of the ongoing war in Ukraine please check my chapters
on Bosnia and Kosovo (at Dealing with the Yugoslav Past, 2017) and on Serbia (Reactivating the
past, 2015, and chapter at Multi-faced Social Transformations, 2015).

My postdoctoral research was on the internally displaced Crimean Tatars in Ukraine. I wrote
on the Ukrainian civic and national identity, Crimea, the role of Maidan. Methods: in-depth
interviews, expert interviews, discourse analysis, media analysis, participant observation. I tackled
such issues as: The Politics of Language Use (2020), Regional diversity and transformation of
national identity (2020), Cinematic Representation of Crimean Tatars (2019).

Recent discussions:

Polish Insitute&Ukrainian Institute, "Erase the Nation" screenings and discussions with Tomasz Grzywaczewski

Goethe Institute, lecture

Rebuilding of Ukraine, Aarhus university, Denmark
Seminar on Lisa Bjurwald' book Slava Ukraini!, Bullet Press & US and UA Embassy at Fores

Humor as a Weapon, Ukraine Vision: Culture Dialogues, Kulturhuset

High-level Forum on the Future of Democracy, details here

Kyiv School of Economics

Taiwan in light of the Russo-Ukrainian War, Moderator Sep 2022

Stockholm University. Sociology Seminar: Crimean Tatars and Nation-building process in Ukraine before the invasion.  September 22

We Stand With Ukraine – Historical & Current Perspectives, Europe House (Keynote speakers:
Sofi Oksanen, Toomas Hendrik)
Russia's War in Ukraine and the End of the Post-Cold War Era: European and Historical
Context, Stockholm University, Aula Magna, May 2022
Discussion - Ukraine's fight for its independence: the past and the future, Forum Civ, April 2022

LIVESAMTAL Ett samtal om kvinnorna i Ukraina med Evin Incir, EUparlamentariker

Live om Ukraina. Möte med Ukrainas biträdande försvarsminister Inna Golovanchuk, Sergiy Petukhov, Anders Österberg


Svenska Dagbladet
Суспільне. Новини #TERRORUSSIA protest in Stockholm

За кордоном: як допомагати Україні. Action Office

Як допомагає Україні зі Швеції Nordic Ukraine Forum, Vocie4Ukraine

Сколь, Алла Кошляк, подкаст

Dagens Nyheter



Essays and comments:

White Review (UK)

Symposeum (USA)

Aftonbladet (SE)


KyivPost (UA)

Aljazeera (USA)


US Embassy vision on Ukraine, SAAB expertise, Almedalen

Meeting with the Defense Minister Pål Jonson

Meeting with the Foreign Minister Tobias Billström

Parliament of Sweden, Holodomor commemoration

Speech at the Embassy of the United States

Speech at the Embassy of Canada

Speech, 24 Feb, Demonstration (Prime Minister, former Prime Minister, Foreign Minister)

Luncheon, Ministry of Foreign Affair of Sweden

Meeting with Ann Linde, Minister of Foreign  Affairs

Möte med statssekreterare Magnus Nilsson på utrikesdepartementet


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